CSLS Gamificitaion model

Card-Game, Slides and Learning Sheets

(CSLS Gamification Model)

Gamification Teacher Training and Lecturer Certification


This course includes the following topics “ Gamification cognitive discussion , flow state analysis, Scaffolding design, situated learning, Cognitive structure and process, Formative evaluation, and Gamification drive. Besides the theories, there will have a half-day workshop to practice and discussion with our lecturers, such as game mechanics, practices of gamification teaching, developing a gamification teaching method via the mind map.

The teaching method「Card-game, Slides and Learning Sheets (CSLS Gamification Model)」is developed by Prof. Huei-Tse Hou. It is a method that combines the card game, briefing media, and the worksheets. 「CSLS Gamification Model」 aims to meet the following situations:

1. To avoid losing focus in a gamifying activity.

2. To guide the students to have a deep discussion

3. To closely combine the course design and the teaching design.

4. To make sure the mechanics match the Cognitive theory and social interaction theory

5. To improve the learning motivation by a well-designed activity.


1. Perfectly combine the Theories and Practices

2. Learn to design learning activities via board game.

3. Gamification teaching techniques and practices.

4. Complete the design of a teaching activity or material.

Training object

1. Professional lecturer

2. Apply the gamification teaching to children-parents, school, or senior ages.

3. Have a great enthusiasm about education.

4. Human resources department

5. Eager to know and to apply the gamification teaching.

Lecturer certification

In order to have the lecturer certification, according to the license units, the following things are required.

1. To design a teaching activity by your own.

2. To record the practice of your teaching activity in pictures or videos.